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Charlie Paxson: news

let it go - June 23, 2006

today i did some work on the upcoming E.P. that i will be releasing, i did some other stuff too , I ate Thai food, made some phone calls.

Stagg St. Studio - June 20, 2006

I am here at "Stagg St. Recording Studios" with "Heroes and Villians" recording tracks for an artist they are producing. Tomorrow I will finish the recording of my new E.p. over at "LA Hacienda", Ed Monsef''s studio.

recording - June 19, 2006

Finishing up new E.P., titled
"Graduate" I am recording it with my friend Ed Mosef who previously worked with me on the Happy BIrthday E.P. last year. We went out to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago to lay down the ground work for the recordings that we are curently finishing. The studio "Rancho De La Luna" , is owned by Dave Catching. Awesome place , awsome vibe, this is were Josh Hommes Desert Sessions take place. I have mostly been playing everything myself but I've had some friends play on some tracks. Zack Hexum sang some Backgrounds and played some sax and bass clarinet, Colin Hay played some 12 string and leads, Jimmy Chamberlin played some brushes and layed down some chemtrails, Billy Mohler graced us with some acoustic bass and semi hollowbass, Micheal Bluestein contributed some whurly in exchange for a drum lesson, and Nate Wood played some guitar.

I will be doing some dates with on the "2 x 3" tour with Zack Hexum and Brandon Rogers. We are doing this as a trio, and will be playing some of all of our songs. I will also be doing some east coast dates July 13th - 16th ( new york, connecticut, Boston) with Colin Hay (whose record i have been recording. Colin is awesome and hilairious.
I am hungry , i need to eat.

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